What to do when your ELD Malfunctions

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It's early in the morning, you are about to start your shift driving and want to get started on the deliveries for the day. An hour into your drive your ELD stops working, you've tried turning it off and back on but no luck what do you do?


 Steps to Take


Note the malfunction of the ELD and provide written notice of the malfunction to your motor carrier within 24 hours;

This can be done with any written communication, including an email, text message or written note. It is recommended that when the carrier contacts the ELD vendor, it is done in writing like email, which leaves a paper trail to protect yourself.

If the ELD vendor is unable to fix or replace the ELD within 8 days, you should contact the FMCSA immediately for further guidance.


Reconstruct the record of duty status (RODS) for the current 24-hour period and the previous 7 consecutive days, and record the records of duty status on graph-grid paper logs that comply with 49 CFR 395.8 (RODS), unless the driver already has the records or retrieves them from the ELD.

Previous days RODS should be available to your dispatcher, where the RODS can be emailed (PDF format) or printed out. Otherwise, the log should be reconstructed from memory and supporting documents (fuel receipts, toll tickets, etc).


Continue to manually record RODS until the ELD is serviced and back in compliance. The driver is allowed to continue to use paper logs for up to 8 days after the malfunction; after which, the driver is at risk of being placed out of service.

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Tagged: ELD, Fleet Management, FMCSA, Safety, Trucking

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