Introducing Carmalink Plus

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After listening to feedback, it became clear that a lot of our customers have mixed use fleets, and not all of them need ELD. However, all trucks needed connected dash cams and navigation.

This caused an issue between using ELDs for all trucks and creating issues for the back office staff dealing with unclaimed records from non-ELD drivers or only having part of their fleet covered with nav and cameras.

We wanted to create a new plan that fits between the Basic and Pro that brings the advantages of running an ELD tablet in a truck without the ELD headaches.

Carmalink Plus allows mixed use fleets of short and long haul drivers to use one system and save cash versus a pure ELD solution when one isn't needed.

Connected driver safety

An integrated, forward facing dash cam is always recording the road ahead, storing up to 18 hours of HD video footage.


When unsafe activity is detected automatically by the transponder or manually reported by the driver, a clip of the footage is uploaded to the cloud. Safety managers have instant access to the video clips to review and determine what actions need to be taken.

Turn by turn directions

Enabling drivers to complete routes faster, with commercial navigation that steers them away from restricted roads and low bridges. Each Garmin navigation tablet is customized for the dimensions and cargo of your trucks and comes with free map updates for life.


Drivers get access to alerts for local speed limits, sharp corners, bridges, railroad crossings and lookup locations for truck stops, repair facilities and emergency services.

Connected maintenance

Ditch the missed paperwork and storing reports in the filing cabinet with digital vehicle inspection reports with automatic backups in the cloud.


Get your fleet maintenance foreman in the loop with email alerts of defects reported by the driver or automatically from Carmalink's connection to the engine computer. Stay on top of preventative maintenance scheduling and reduce unexpected downtime with monthly maintenance reports.

Try it out

Get Plus in the hands of your drivers and see if it will work for your team. Online demos and free in-cab trials are available by contacting support, click the 'Learn more' link below.


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