Carmalink v5.4 - Dash cam footage

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Driver safety dash cam

Carmalink is the leader in creating safer drivers with timely, trainable, accurate safety reports. Safety managers are using these reports during driver meetings to highlight the skills drivers need to focus on improving.carmalink_plus_dash_cam

Feedback from the last Carmalink user survey indicated that safety was the top priority for most fleet owners. We know it can be hard to look at a list of "Safety Alerts" and make decisions about what to do with drivers continually receiving these alerts. With the addition of the Garmin Fleet 790 tablet, safety managers will see 1080p HD footage of each safety incident.

- No more guessing what happened
- Use the footage to see who needs training
- A clear picture of the required steps to correct the problem

Upgrade to Plus

Carmalink prioritizes your fleet's safety and we incorporate new technology such as video capture and artificial intelligence to detect more complex safety issues like distracted driving, cell phone usage, tailgating, and more.

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Driver Scorecard (Beta)

If you are a safety manager who is interested in a system like this that keeps drivers accountable through a scorecard system, please get in contact with us for access to the beta when it becomes available.

Beta Access Signup

Live Chat

Now you can chat with our support team live; click on the blue bubble to ask your questions. Live chat is available Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)

ELD update - Remotely assign unidentified driving records

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.23.15 AMCarmalink Pro users can now assign unidentified driving records through the Carmalink website. Assign one or multiple records with a single click, allowing drivers to accept and certify and that records the next time they log into their DrivingLogs ELD.

Tagged: Features, Updates, Release Notes

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